10 Most Genius First-Dance Songs


Your First-Dance as husband and wife has to be memorable – and the song you choose plays a very big role in this. What are some of the most genius First-Dance songs to inspire you for the Big Day? Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Jon Bon Jovi’s Always. Definitely one of the most romantic songs in the history of rock ballads, Always is a true declaration of love for those of you who really like the genre.
  2. Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. This is an absolute classic that will make everyone’s hearts melt away. Choose it especially if you are a bit more traditional and you want your First Dance to be elegant and romantic too.
  3. Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. Even more classy and romantic, this is the kind of song that truly encompasses what love is all about.
  4. The Beatles’ In My Life. Another all-time favorite of weddings, In My Life is a sweet choice with a vintage touch perfect for those old-school romantics out there.
  5. Coldplay’s Sparks. If you are passionate and romantic at the same time, Sparks is a great choice for you. Add some sparklers to the “mix” and your guests will find your First Dance to be simply unforgettable!
  6. Oasis’ Wonderwall. Cute, youthful and full of energy, this is the kind of song a “quirky” couple will love for their First-Dance.
  7. Queen’s You’re My Best Friend. Nobody does it better than Freddie Mercury and people who are fans of his music know this very well. If you would like to bring some romantic Queen into your wedding too, this is the perfect song for that.
  8. Joe Cocker’s You Are so Beautiful. Our loved ones are always the most beautiful people in the world. Why not show this to your special someone as you “waltz” away on your First-Dance?
  9. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Crazy in Love. If you would like your First-Dance to be a bit more modern, this would be a wonderful choice. After all, what other love story is more inspiring than that of Beyoncé and Jay Z?
  10. Bruno Mars’ Marry You. We think the message in this one is more than clear. A fun, romantic song that will work perfectly with the occasion!

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Less Expensive Day For Your Wedding – Memorial Day


Picking the right wedding date is crucial – including from the point of view of finding a less expensive day for your wedding too. Even more than that, it will influence how many people are able to attend your wedding. Also, it will influence the type of décor you want to settle on and it will even influence what kinds of foods will work best as well.

If you are running on a tighter budget, Memorial Day would be a great option for you. Why is that? Read on and find out more.

  • In general, Saturdays are the most “crowded” days of the week when it comes to weddings. Thus, they are the most expensive ones as well. If you want to save money on your wedding, you should avoid hosting it on Saturday.
  • At the same time though, most guests are not able to attend a wedding that falls on Sunday because they have to go back to work on Monday. Even more, if the location of the wedding is too far from them, the chances they actually come to the wedding drop significantly.
  • This year, Memorial Day falls on Monday, 25th of May. This means that most of the people will have their Sunday off – and it also means that you can host the perfect Memorial Day wedding too.
  • Moreover, you can even center parts of the wedding around this holiday too – and this works even more if your future husband or someone in your family is in the service.

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Who Should Be Invited to the Rehearsal Dinner?

Many of you may ask yourselves “who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner?” – and truth be told, this is a completely legit question regardless of how you look at it. If you want to find out more about what wedding etiquette has to say about who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner, make sure to read on because we have gathered some helpful tips.

  • You don’t have to invite everyone at the wedding reception to the rehearsal dinner too. In general, just members of the wedding party, parents and the officiant are invited to this dinner (and most of the times the officiant will not actually attend it).
  • Also, you should invite out-of-town guests as well. This is the polite thing to do if they are already in town by the time you have your rehearsal dinner. Even more than that, it can be a wonderful way to welcome them as well.
  • Keep in mind that the rehearsal dinner does not have to be as formal as the actual wedding reception. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable that you have a very informal rehearsal dinner (even over barbecue and beers). The main purpose of this dinner is to relax a bit and to plan the speeches so you shouldn’t stress too much over how formal or informal it is.
  • Also, remember that you don’t have to actually wear white either. Depending on the location, a simple cocktail dress or a summer dress will be more than fine for your outfit.

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Should You Offer Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors?


Kids are a true blessing wherever they go – and when they are invited at weddings, they always bring a wonderful wave of positive energy with them. If you have invited kids at your wedding too and if you are wondering whether or not you should offer kid-friendly wedding favors, make sure to read on and find out more:

  • It is not absolutely necessary that you make special kid-friendly wedding favors, especially if the favors are suitable for kids too (such as edible treats, for example). However, you might want to take this into consideration because it is a really wonderful way to show them and their parents that you really appreciate their presence at your wedding.
  • Offering kid-friendly wedding favors is also a great way of bringing the little ones on your side and trying to keep them away from getting in trouble. For example, if you offer wedding favors that keep the kids busy (such as little toys, coloring/activity books, and so on), they will be kept busy throughout the entire wedding.
  • Offering kid-friendly wedding favors is truly inexpensive and there are ideas that might actually cost much less than the favors you buy for the adult guests. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with some really inexpensive and absolutely cute ideas the little ones will love.
  • There are a lot of wedding favors that work wonderfully with kids: activity books, single-use cameras, sand toys (if you plan on having a beach wedding for example), mini-caramel apples, S’mores and so on. You just need to pick something that is kid-friendly and works well with your wedding theme too!

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Things Brides Forget to Consider When Choosing Bridesmaids


Obviously, your wedding day is all yours – but even so, having the right “special ladies” by your side when you say “I Do” can have a great importance. There are many things brides forget to consider when choosing bridesmaids, though – and if you want everything to be perfect for everyone, you should definitely keep these things in mind.

What are the most important things to remember when choosing bridesmaids? Read on and find out more.

  • You should talk to your future spouse too. He may not be the one who will actually pick the bridesmaids, but he should at least agree with their number. Even if he will not have the same number of groomsmen (which, yes, is more than allowed), it is still a good idea to check with him first.
  • In general, you should have one bridesmaid for each 20 guests. However, this rule is not fully “pinned down”, so you can have as many (or as few) bridesmaids as you need to. Whatever you do though, don’t settle for a number just because “wedding etiquette” asks for it. After all, this is your Big Day and you should be the one who is the happiest about it.
  • Last, but definitely not least, you should be prepared to hear some “No’s” as well. Some of your friends may simply not have the time to be your bridesmaids, while others may not be able to afford it – and regardless of what their reasons may be, you should be understanding of it.

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How to Throw a Fabulous Outdoor Bridal Shower


If you have been tasked to plan your friend’s bridal shower (or if you simply want to defy “tradition” and plan your own bridal shower), you will definitely want for it to be amazing. The good news is that with the sunny weather outside you really throw a fabulous outdoor bridal shower that’s more than unforgettable – and if you are looking for tips for this, you should definitely check out with the following ideas:

  • It is essential that you start planning for the bridal shower as soon as possible. Even if this is not the actual wedding, it is still an important event in a bride’s timeline and giving it some serious thinking will result in the kind of party nobody will ever forget.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to plan something that’s really impressive. In fact, as long as you use seasonal flowers (bought from the market, and not necessarily from actual wedding florists) and as long as you create a menu based on seasonal foods, you have all chances to plan a gorgeous outdoor bridal shower even if you are on a tight budget.
  • Don’t forget to set on a theme before you even start planning anything. This way, you will be able to bring everything together in a harmonious and elegant way and the guests will be more than impressed. Even if you cannot settle on a very specific theme, you should at least think of a color scheme to base everything on because this will add a touch of style to your shower.

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3 Under-the-Radar Flowers for Your Bouquet


If you are like the vast majority of the brides-to-be out there, the flowers for your bouquet are almost as important as the wedding dress you will wear on the Big Day. Thus, you will give it some careful consideration before you tell your florist about your idea.

If you are searching for some really unique wedding bouquet tips, make sure to read on. We have gathered 3 beautiful, yet “under-the-radar” flowers that would look amazing in your bridal bouquet – and they will definitely inspire you to create something that is 100% unique.

  • If you have always wanted small, pretty flowers to be incorporated in your bouquet and not lose their delicate appeal, stock is the perfect choice for you. Combine it with lush, oversized peonies and it will look stunning.
  • Wild flowers. Every bride has her own style – and if you want to “wear” a bouquet that’s made out of wild flowers instead of the more “traditional” ones, that’s perfectly fine. Beautiful, unforgettable and truly bold, wild flowers can make for romantic bouquets that work perfectly with outdoor, summer weddings. Plus, wild flowers tend to be less expensive and extremely versatile too, so you have plenty of options when it comes to them!
  • Small Spring flower bouquets. There are so many wonderful Spring flowers that are really beautiful and delicate and inexpensive too. If you plan on having a Spring wedding, do not hesitate going for something less “traditional” such as lilies or lilac, for example.

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How to Avoid Food Allergy at a Buffet-Style Reception


Nobody attends weddings just for the sake of eating good food – but your menu can have a huge influence when it comes to how great your guests will feel at your wedding. And if you want everyone to really enjoy the food you serve them you will really have to make sure you learn how to avoid food allergy at a buffet-style reception. Here are some of the most important tips when it comes to this:

  • Buffet-style dinners are the best option if you want to make sure none of your guests will suffer an allergic reaction to the food you serve. Because they will eat whatever they want from the buffet, they can also choose what foods not to put in their plates.
  • Even so, it is important that you inform your guests on the ingredients contained by the dishes on the table. Leaving notes with what each dish contains is a great way to be absolutely certain that your guests will avoid the foods they are allergic to.
  • To make it even easier for your guests to choose the foods they can eat, you can organize “stations” that group dishes according to the ingredients they don’t This way, having a “nut-free”, “seafood-free”, “lactose-free” and “gluten-free” station will be a great idea, especially since these are some of the most widespread ingredients people are allergic to.
  • It is also crucial that you make sure none of the dishes get “contaminated” with allergens from other types of foods. To avoid this from happening, remember to talk to your caterer about the way they handle the foods. Also, avoid placing “allergenic” foods very close to the “non-allergenic” ones.

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Should You Have a Receiving Line at Your Wedding?


Wedding etiquette is still very important for most of the brides and grooms out there. However, all the rules surrounding what is “acceptable” and “not acceptable” at a wedding can also be very confusing as well. For example, should you have a receiving line at your wedding? We have gathered some important tips of advice – so make sure to read on if you want to find out more.

  • Having a receiving line is actually more than “proper etiquette”. It is practical too! You may feel that you are spending tons of time by greeting your guests in a receiving line, but imagine how things would go if you had to greet each of them throughout the wedding reception. Most likely, it would take much more time than you expect it and you would end up spending your entire wedding greeting guests as you meet them (and searching for those you haven’t had a chance to greet too!).
  • It is not absolutely mandatory to have a receiving line, though – especially if you either don’t have many guests (under 50) or if you have more than 100-150 guests. Also, if your family situation is complicated (such as divorced parents), you may want to avoid having a receiving line because it may cause people to feel uncomfortable.
  • In the end, this is your decision – this is your wedding and you should be happy with how things are going! However, please make sure you weigh in both the advantages of having a receiving line and its disadvantages before you decide on anything.

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Planning A Multicultural Wedding That Everyone Will Enjoy


Weddings are absolutely amazing regardless of who is getting married. No matter what you and your future spouse’s gender, nationality, ethnicity or culture may be, the very fact that love brought you together is enough reason to celebrate.

Planning a multicultural wedding that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge though – maybe even more so than a more “traditional” wedding. Yet, with enough attention to detail and dedication, it can be done – and it will be truly unforgettable!

How to do it? How to plan a multicultural wedding that everyone will love? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Educate your families about each other’s cultures. This way, they will understand better why you want to include certain traditions in your weddings – and why you might want to skip others. Also, don’t forget to include some details in the ceremony programs as well – especially if you plan on including customs most of the guests may not be completely familiar with.
  • Talk to your officiant(s). Depending on what cultures you come from, you might need to book two officiants (and maybe even two completely different ceremony locations). Make sure you talk to your religious sites and see what options suits you best.
  • Don’t forget to bring elements from both of your cultures into your Big Day! Everything, from the food to the décor and from the drinks to what you wear can be influenced by the cultures you come from. Bring all of your favorite elements together in a harmonious way and your wedding will be 100% unique!

Here at Stonebrook Manor, we are in love with weddings in all their forms – and our main goal is making sure all brides and grooms who come to us are fully happy with how their Big Day turned out. Come visit our beautiful Denver wedding venue, book us for your wedding date and you will definitely not regret having chosen us!

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