10 Most Genius First-Dance Songs

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Your First-Dance as husband and wife has to be memorable – and the song you choose plays a very big role in this. What are the best wedding first dance songs to inspire you for the Big Day? Here are some of the unique first dance songs. You might also like the romantic first dance songs:

  1. Jon Bon Jovi’s Always. Definitely one of the most romantic songs in the history of rock ballads, Always is a true declaration of love for those of you who really like the genre.
  2. Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. This is an absolute classic that will make everyone’s hearts melt away. Choose it especially if you are a bit more traditional and you want your First Dance to be elegant and romantic too.
  3. Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. Even more classy and romantic, this is the kind of song that truly encompasses what love is all about.
  4. The Beatles’ In My Life. Another all-time favorite of weddings, In My Life, is a sweet choice with a vintage touch perfect for those old-school romantics out there.
  5. Coldplay’s Sparks. If you are passionate and romantic at the same time, Sparks is a great choice for you. Add some sparklers to the “mix” and your guests will find your First Dance to be simply unforgettable!
  6. Oasis’ Wonderwall. Cute, youthful, and full of energy, this is the kind of song a “quirky” couple will love for their First-Dance.
  7. Queen’s You’re My Best Friend. Nobody does it better than Freddie Mercury and people who are fans of his music know this very well. If you would like to bring some romantic Queen into your wedding too, this is the perfect song for that.
  8. Joe Cocker’s You Are so Beautiful. Our loved ones are always the most beautiful people in the world. Why not show this to your special someone like you “waltz” away on your First-Dance?
  9. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Crazy in Love. If you would like your First-Dance to be a bit more modern, this would be a wonderful choice. After all, what another love story is more inspiring than that of Beyoncé and Jay Z?
  10. Bruno Mars’ Marry You. We think the message in this one is more than clear. A fun, romantic song that will work perfectly with the occasion!

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