Which Are the 2018 Wedding Dates You Might Want to Avoid

In general, there’s no calendar date you’re not allowed to set your wedding on – but sometimes, you might want to think very well before choosing very particular dates. What are some of these dates in 2018 and why should you avoid them?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Which Are the 2018 Wedding Dates You Might Want to Avoid

  • National holidays of any kind, especially the long weekends. You may think these dates are actually perfect for a wedding – but your guests have already made plans to go away for these holidays, or they may simply want to spend them with their families. Memorial Day, President’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving – they all fall on long weekends, so remember to check.
  • Religious holidays of any kind. Your guests will most likely make plans for their religious holidays as well – and keep in mind, not all of your friends observe the same religions. If you know some of your guests pertain to a different religious denomination, Google their religious holiday dates to know what to avoid.
  • Any kind of personally significant dates. You may have to attend your best friend’s wedding, or you may have to go to a conference. If there’s any date you or your loved one find significant and cannot skip, be sure to cut it off the list as well. You wouldn’t want trouble at work or to ruin a friendship over this kind of issues!


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