4 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Colorado

Colorado is known for its exuberance and decadence when it comes to wedding celebrations, but it does not mean that you cannot have a clean and green wedding celebration. As an award-winning wedding venue in Denver, we know how much waste is involved when it comes to weddings. So, for an environmentally conscious couple, here are 4 tips that can help you reduce your wedding imprint on the environment. They are also budget-friendly too.


4 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Colorado


  • Use E-Invites

Start at the very beginning by using electronic invites instead of paper envelopes. You can use DIY websites to do them or hire a graphic designer with the money you would have used for postage. Set up a special email for your guests to reply to your RSVP too. This also has the added perk of linking directly to your online registry or website and the option to easily follow up with people for responses, allergy information, event changes, etc.

  • Patronize our Environmentally Friendly Location

From your wedding ceremony and reception location to the accommodation, your out of town guests would be staying at, we go out of our way to be environmentally friendly and show care about the climate and the planet.

  • Pay Attention to Your Fashion

It is recommended that each item of clothing that you own must be worn at least 30 times before disposing or donation. Wedding garments are one of the things that people dispose of more often, especially bridesmaid dresses. Help stem the tide by going for a preloved wedding dress and doing renting instead of buying. The advantage of this option is that it also budget-friendly as it will cost less.

  • Do Eco-Menus

Eco menus are becoming more popular because more and more couples are choosing to consider climate change while performing their wedding. An eco-menu is one with an infusion of locally produced meals and organic, sustainable dishes. An eco-menu is one way that you can make your wedding greener.

Planning for your wedding in Denver and its environs? Why not let us enthrall you and your guests with all that we have to offer? Stonebrook Manor is an amazing venue located in Thornton, Colorado with lots of experience. Contact us today!


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