3 Alternatives to The Unity Candle Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are very personal, unique events in people’s lives. So, it makes sense that all brides and grooms want to personalize this moment as much as they can. Here at Stonebrook Manor, we understand why couples want to personalize their wedding as much as they are allowed to. Sure, the flowers and the music, and even the drinks will all contribute to making the atmosphere better and more unique. When it comes to the actual ceremony though, a unity ritual could make the entire difference in the world. So are there other great options, asides from the traditional unity candle lighting ceremony? Read on to find out.


3 Alternatives to The Unity Candle Ceremony


  • Have A Unity Circle

This is more than a bride-and-groom unity ceremony. It involves every single guest and makes them part of your story in a beautiful way. This tradition was first started in Quaker communities and it might not work that well for very large weddings, but if you want to have a smaller ceremony, it’s a wonderful way of bringing everyone you know closer to you on a very special moment of your life.


  • Include A Handfasting Ceremony

This ceremony comes from the Celts and it is meant to symbolize the way the wedding will bring you together to form one unity – a family. Basically, it involves tying the opposite hands of the bride and groom together using a piece of ribbon. It can be such a beautiful and meaningful moment to add into your wedding ceremony!


  • Braiding the Rope

This is another wonderful idea that will make your guests feel involved! Have a piece of rope passed down to each of the guests and when the last one has held it for a couple of seconds, have it taken back to you and braid it. You can use this braid as a piece of meaningful décor in your new house as a married couple – a piece to remember you of the magic of the wedding ceremony.

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