3 Best Wedding Theme Ideas

Couples often find themselves overwhelmed by the important decision of finding the perfect wedding theme. The theme sets the tone for the day and guides every aesthetic decision regarding the wedding venue, and that alone is enough to make the decision daunting and a bit overwhelming.

As a couple, consider the elements that speak to you. Perhaps colors and designs or climate and weather? You can utilize pretty much anything for your theme. From there, allow your imagination to run wild and was as your wedding theme takes shape. These three ideas can guide you.


3 Best Wedding Theme Ideas


  • Romantic

If you’re going for something romantic, delicate lighting with soft hues and plenty of florals should more than suffice. They make for a truly romantic wedding. To set this theme, hanging warm lights, calligraphy, and a flower wall is all you need.


  • Vintage

The vintage style allows you to draw inspiration from decades past and can be a fantastic theme for a wedding. Wedding outfits and antique-looking décor are two ways to exemplify a vintage-inspired wedding. Make a statement by driving to the venue in a classic getaway car like an old Porsche or Volkswagen.


  • Modern

When it comes to modern weddings, think clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal. From your wedding dress to your venue decorations, put a spin on everything. A modern theme knows few bounds. You can always keep it simple or not; it’s really up to you.


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