3 Common Wedding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Wedding planning is not an easy task, no matter how large or small a wedding you are trying to plan. It can, however, be much smoother if you keep in mind the basics. Hiring a wedding planner, for example, can absolutely help. But there will always be a certain amount of stress there, and that’s perfectly normal. We are in a modern age and you are quite free to plan whatever type of wedding you like. Still, there still are some mistakes you might want to avoid making. Here are five of them that we’ve found to be common amongst couples and how to avoid them.


3 Common Wedding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


  • Worrying About Rules Too Much

Yes, there are many etiquette rules you should follow. But when it comes to things like your look, for example, nobody can tell you what to wear. So, if you don’t want the classic updo, go ahead and wear your hair down. If you don’t want a traditional dress, go ahead and choose a non-traditional one (or a pantsuit, if it suits you better). You make your own rules here.

  • Ignoring Your Guests at Your Wedding

Yes, it’s quite hard to talk to each of your guests and there’s social distancing to consider. But it really wouldn’t hurt if you stopped by their table and exchanged a few words. The receiving line is very much passé at this point, but that doesn’t mean you should forget the basic rules of civility and not greet your guests.

  • Going DIY With Everything

Our advice with this one is one word: Don’t. Your time is precious and DIY projects can go really wrong if you don’t have lots of experience with them. It’s more than fine to include one or two DIY elements since it will add personality to your wedding, but don’t go all the way with it. It can be far more expensive, it can turn into a disaster, and it can eat most of your pre-wedding time.

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