3 Days That You Could Get Married on That Aren’t Sunday

People often choose to get married on Saturdays, but as Denver’s premier indoor and outdoor wedding venue, we at Stonebrook Manor know that Saturday isn’t the only day you can get married on. Sometimes due to your work, budget or other personal things, a Saturday wedding is out of the question and you have to settle for another day of the week. If this is the case with you, this article is here to help. In here, we have 3 other days that you could get married on that are not Saturday. Want to know what they are? Read on to find out.


3 Days That You Could Get Married on That Aren’t Sunday

  • Sundays

Brunch hour on Sundays are great for low key wedding ceremonies. There will be lots of intimacy if you choose to have this kind of a wedding and you can have some of your favorite breakfast foods and beverages as part of your wedding menu. For this kind of wedding, your guest list will comprise mostly of very close friends and family.

  • Wednesday

The bonus with weekday weddings is that most vendors are typically easier and less expensive to book for the event. You could also get married on this day and extend your wedding festivities throughout the weekend. What do you think?

  • Friday

For a Friday wedding, you have to consider the timing. The late evening is best as most of your guests would have closed from work, thus leaving them free to attend. A great way to make your Friday wedding even more enjoyable is to extend your reception to just a bit after midnight, so that you can both ring in your first day as a married couple with your family and friends. Wouldn’t that be fun? You and your family and friends can then retire to a nearby hotel thus completing what is sure to be an unforgettable wedding.

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