3 Lovely Picture Ideas for Your Wedding

Once your wedding is over, photographs from your wedding are all you would have to relive the memories of your big day. Thus, the importance of wedding pictures cannot be ignored.

To get the most from your wedding photography, you’ll need to provide them with a list of all the poses you intend to make. But, of course, some people get shy before a camera and forget the poses they had earlier planned. So the way to make sure you’re not leaving out anything is to save up pictures that serve as inspiration to you while you’re still planning your wedding.

Be sure to work with your photographer to give you the best shots of the poses you have chosen. While we’re still on the issue of wedding picture inspiration, here are some picture ideas to inspire your wedding photograph!


3 Lovely Picture Ideas for Your Wedding


  • The Getting Ready Session

Photography is about the details. The morning of your wedding is the beginning of your new life, so be sure to capture every moment. But, of course, your photographer should treat you like a celebrity!

The pictures you may consider taking include: the bride opening her gift, the makeup session for the bride and bridesmaids, the bride getting ready-wearing perfumes, accessories, bridal shoes; the bouquet, arrival of the flower girl, etc.


  • The Ceremony

The ceremony is where most of the heartwarming pictures are taken. From your walk down the aisle and to the register, your photographer will capture all the romantic and memorable moments.

Your ceremony pictures can include: the venue, the bride, getting ready to walk down the aisle, the groom at the altar, the bridesmaid walking down the aisle, etc.


  • The Reception

Your photographer will ensure that they take care in capturing all the necessary details. From your venue’s décor to the guests, guests’ reactions at a certain point, toast, and dances.

The photographer can also capture the couple with their pet (if they have one), the guests mingling, the party, etc. Your wedding photography should capture moments that are worth reliving.


Capturing the best moments at your wedding entails having a great atmosphere and the perfect view. Stonebrook Manor offers you a panoramic view that is fitting for the perfect wedding, as well as fabulous pictures! We’re confident your wedding will feel perfect here. Call us now.

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