3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Registry

Many times, couples decide not to use or ignore a wedding registry. Other couples, however, have not the slightest idea what a wedding registry is or how to use it.

Well, if you’re lost on the meaning of a wedding registry, we’ll help out! It is a platform engaged couples use in registering several items they may need as gifts from their guests (in case their guests were looking, anyway). Of course, there are reasons you should use a wedding registry, and we’re glad to share some of them here.


3 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Registry


  • People Want To Give You Gifts

You probably prefer money as gifts, or you want people to figure it out because you feel some guilt putting out demands for your guests.

Either way you look at it, most of your guests would love to give you something to remember them by. It will be great if they get to gift you with something you need, rather than something you’ll have to return or not appreciate.



  • People Will Know It’s Not Just Household Items

These days, registry sites are making it possible for couples to enlist not only items but services. You can add your honeymoon needs, such as an excursion, a spar session, fitness classes, camping gear, etc.

You may even look through other registries to find items that may suit you, just in case they never came to mind.


  • A Fresh Start

It’s an opportunity to get new things, especially if you have been alone for a while. You and your partner could use unique sets of glassware or plates.

You may not be the hosting type, but you’ll never know when it will come in handy. So, an upgrade for your household items might be just what you need. It is also useful as it helps your decision-making as a couple.

It’s an adventurous ride; there’s an excitement that often comes with getting items with silvery wraps and ribbons, mainly when they’re what you need and will appreciate.


Are you engaged? That’s beautiful! We love that you’re starting a new and fabulous life, and we’d love nothing more than to be a part of your perfect wedding.

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