3 Steps For Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors can seem irrelevant, but it’s one of those small details you shouldn’t ignore. Many a couple has been frustrated over the color palettes to choose. They are often undecided on which palettes work best with a particular season and theme.

Also, you’ll have to determine which ones are best for the outfits and which ones should go with your decor.

The main thing that makes choosing wedding colors difficult is because of their different hues. Sometimes, it’s not just pink; it’s a lighter shade of pink. And it’s often not plain blue; it’s most likely cyan, etc. All that makes it challenging to make a quick and easy decision, but these few steps here can help you choose your wedding colors!


3 Steps For Choosing Your Wedding Colors


  • Consider Your Setting

Of course, there are colors you’ll have in mind as favorites when thinking about your wedding colors. Checking with the setting of your potential venue is an excellent way to help you narrow down your choice of colors.

If your venue is a warehouse or a lot, there won’t be any need to stick to a particular color. However, if your venue already has bright or lush colors, it can influence your color choice.


  • Know Your Priorities

When planning a wedding, we’re sure you have many ideas you want to implement. For example, family items must be placed in particular locations.

Let these ideas be a starting point for your color palette choice. Then, work your way around it and make color choices that align with these items.


  • Consider The Season

The season of your wedding is another factor. You know the season can factor into the choice of colors you use for your outfit, right? The same applies here.

You don’t want to stand with your dress amidst colors that don’t compliment it. So your wedding season should be an essential determinant for your color choices.


Since your venue is one of the significant factors for choosing your wedding colors, secure the services of a venue that will be great for any color palette and affords you a unique view!

Stonebrook Manor is exactly such a venue! We offer a beautiful venue for you to host any wedding with any color latter you choose.

Our venue will impress you and your guests, and it will help complete that magical wedding that so many couples seek! Contact us today!

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