3 Things to Consider When Planning Your Company Vacation Party

Vacation is just around the corner, and even though they are not everybody’s favorite, vacation parties are a staple for most companies. Planning an annual employee Christmas party for your company can be daunting, especially when it comes to keeping cost manageable. But it is also an excellent opportunity to create an experience that boosts company morale and increase employee satisfaction and retention levels across the board.

This year had been boring but busy for everyone, especially as the world is still faced with the global COVID-19 pandemic. So, the goal now is to make this year’s company holiday party a memorable one that will go down in the company’s ‘vacation party’ records book.

As a first-timer or even a seasoned planner, this task is daunting. But worry not because we have compiled a great list of things to consider while planning.


3 Things to Consider When Planning Your Company Vacation Party


  • Goals and Purpose

It is essential to define the goals of your event clearly. What will make it a success, and what do you stand to gain from the party?

For instance, when you plan an employee-only event where you hope to achieve a better understanding and cooperation within your team, the aim will ultimately be different from a family event focused on employee appreciation and family fun.


  • Date

After knowing the party’s aims and purpose, you can go into detail, the first of which is choosing a date. Keep a close eye on the calendar and know that there are just three Saturdays in December before Christmas, which may limit venue options and attendance.


  • Venue

Knowing those you want to plan the party for goes a long way in choosing the perfect event venue. Locations that are close and convenient to employees will also maximize their attendance. After all, the whole party is for them. Another way of gaining loyalty from your employees is by inviting the employee’s family members to the event.


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