3 Things To Guide Your Wedding Theme Selection

Rustic, vintage, garden, beach, and nautical are the wedding themes you must have run into while browsing, seeking inspiration, or attending weddings. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes into making each theme a reality?

Your wedding theme should be more than just a trend or just the beauty of it merely by looking. It should reflect on your real personality as a couple. It should harmonize and pull every wedding element from the menu to the tiniest details.

Take some time to close your eyes, envision your wedding day, and ask yourself the following questions. What should it look like? How should your guests feel when they walk in? What kind of you impression should your guests have of you?

Ask yourself and your partner the crucial questions to identify the theme that suits your personality in a more accurate sense. The following should guide you.


3 Things To Guide Your Wedding Theme Selection


  • Local Inspiration

There is something about your wedding location that you can draw inspiration from. Incorporating local inspiration into your wedding theme is a great idea. For example, if you plan to wed on a beach, palm trees and seashells instantly arouse a tropical locale’s notion.


  • Cultural Hint

Wedding themes are a great way of focusing on all other aspects of wedding celebrations. An Asian-inspired wedding, for instance, lends well to orchids in the bride’s bouquet. Also, parasols can be used as table centerpieces. It helps with the little details of a wedding.


  • Seasonal Sensation

The season you intend to wed plays a vital role in selecting your wedding theme. Seasons make perfect sense for weddings. If you intend to get married during fall, consider a color palette right out of mother nature and the turning leaves: snowflakes for winter weddings, tulips for the spring, and beach chairs for summer weddings.


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