3 Tips for Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you ready to pop the question? Congratulations in advance! We know it’s an important decision because you wouldn’t be considering it if you aren’t prepared to commit.

The plan to propose is exciting, but don’t get caught up in the romance to the extent of forgetting just how important it is to choose the perfect engagement ring. It is an excellent way to persuade your girlfriend into accepting you because it speaks volumes about your personality.

From finding your perfect engagement ring, picking the ideal wedding ring, fixing your wedding date, selecting your wedding venue, down to planning the perfect wedding of your dream, you’ll be under a lot of pressure. And if you don’t consider something that will likely take her breath away, you’ll end up being disappointed and wondering where you got it wrong.

However, do not fret; shake your anxiety off, and remember help is never far away. We’ll guide you through it all and even offer you an exceptional venue with qualitative services for your engagement party at an affordable price!


3 Tips for Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring


  • Shape

Deciding on the shape (cut) helps immensely in your engagement ring hunt. Each shape has a different price per carat, and thus, is priced differently. Round cuts are the most expensive, but they are also some of the nicest looking rings in the market.


  • Metals

Traditionally, engagement rings were made from yellow gold, white gold, or silver gold platinum, but in recent years, rose gold is an emerging alternative.

Platinum is significantly more expensive than silver (although they may look quite similar) because it has a greater density and is rarer. Be sure to consider your lifestyle as well as your budget because some metals scratch easier than others.


  • Size

It is crucial to get your finger sizes right to avoid wearing them loose with the risk of falling off. You can ask your partner about her ring size. Or, you can ask in random conversation if you intend to make your proposal a surprise or if you’re not shopping for the engagement rings together.


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