3 Tips For Setting Up A Dance Floor at Your Wedding Venue

There is nothing more romantic than twirling your favorite person around on the dance floor. Dancing can be fun and exciting, making memories that will last a lifetime. So what’s the best way to set up for dancing?


3 Tips For Setting Up A Dance Floor at Your Wedding Venue


  • Time of Day

To begin, take into consideration the time of day. Always put your dance floor close enough to an electrical outlet (or have a generator), so you have the appropriate lighting throughout the evening.

The best place for a dance floor is usually in front of a stage or band to ensure enough sound equipment and space to feed the speaker system.

However, if there is no stage, then it’s best to locate your dance floor next to a significant architectural element- such as an arch, wall, or window. This will help to reflect the sound throughout the space!


  • Use Durable Materials

For your dance floor, it’s best to use durable materials suitable for all weather conditions. For example, if you live in a rain-prone area, you’ll need rubber.

An additional option is to have an indoor and outdoor floor if this option fits your budget. You may also consider using a dance floor suitable for multiple purposes, such as concrete or rubberized material.


  • Add Accessories to Enhance the Area

The next step is to add accessories to enhance the area and make it more inviting to dance! Next, decide which type of lighting would be most effective and add it around the floor and any other venue areas.

For example, you’ll want to have some uplights on either side of your arch or stage so that it illuminates from above and emphasizes the dancing space. A lovely chandelier can also work wonders for a ballroom setting!

Add fabric or draping around the dance floor to create a soft yet romantic feel. This will make the dance area appear larger and more inviting when it’s all lit up.


Keep these tips in mind when setting up your dance space, and you’ll have a fantastic celebration that everyone can enjoy. But remember, the venue plays a large part in all this. You’ll need a large and beautiful wedding venue that has more than enough space and areas for your dance floor. A place like Stonebrook manor!

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