3 Tips to Help You Make Sure Your Wedding Invitations Get Perfectly Mailed

Wedding invitations go beyond simple pieces of paper and/or cardboard. They a glimpse into your wedding day and a beautiful way to show people you really want them to be there for you, celebrating this gorgeous event in your life.

Of course, you will be very careful with the way you design your wedding invitations – but you should also be very careful with the way you mail them. How do you make sure your wedding invitations get perfectly mailed? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

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  • We know you love those tissue paper inserts and the elegant way they complement the wedding invitation suite. But did you know their purpose goes beyond aesthetics too? These tissue paper inserts can save your invitations from smudging (and even more so when you use dark ink on the invitations) – so make sure to invest a bit of extra money in adding them to every envelope!
  • Dropping the envelopes in the mailbox won’t cut it. There’s a good chance they’ll reach the guests in one piece – but it’s always safer to go inside the post office and have the envelopes mailed from there. Also, remember to ask the clerk to hand-cancel the invitations (as opposed to passing them through an automatic filter). This will also help you avoid any accidents, so that your wedding invitations remain pretty and elegant, as they were designed.
  • Last, but not least, avoid licking the envelope adhesive and use a stronger glue instead. This will help you ensure the envelopes stay stuck until they reach their destination. Even more, it will help you avoid paper cuts and the nasty taste of the envelope adhesive.

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