3 Tips On Hosting An After Reception Happy Hour

After the wedding reception, find an excuse to host a small number of close, related family members and intimate friends for a happy hour. It is a perfect opportunity to get more intimate with your guests by welcoming them into your new home and life.

And because people are used to the lure of happy hour at bars, restaurants, and pubs, which are no longer available because of the effects of imposed government restrictions, a happy hour at your new home will go a long way in rewarding your guests. If this interests you, here are tips to work with when planning such an event.


3 Tips On Hosting An After Reception Happy Hour


  • Keep It Small

Too many people and it will become chaos. After all, it’s supposed to be for only close family members and intimate friends. It is not far-fetched from the fact that there are social distancing guidelines, and also, the whole event is just so your close friends and family members interact with each other more.

A conversation can’t happen with more than ten people without some being completely outside and looking in. However, if you intend to host more people, consider appointing a moderator to run the conversation smoothly.


  • Comfy Environment and Lighting

Wherever you intend to host it, ensure the venue is one that provides comfort. Also, make sure the lighting is bright enough so that everybody will interact freely. It is also wise to keep sounds to a minimum.


  • Food

Please keep it simple by serving bite-sized food that doesn’t require the use of utensils so guests will not bother getting seated. Table seating is a formality that can be dispensed within a happy hour like that.


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