3 Tips To Distinguish Between the ‘Ok’ Venue And The ‘Amazing’ Venue

Arguably, every aspect of a wedding is optional. A wedding may be conducted without a wedding reception; you can decide to skip the bridal shower; you can also forgo the wedding cake, but you can’t plan a wedding with no wedding venue. Without the venue, there is no wedding! At least, you have to have a place for your friends and family to gather and celebrate.

The word ‘perfect’ is what first comes to your mind when you think of a wedding venue, but what determines it’s perfection? Is aesthetics the determiner of a perfect wedding venue? Or do you just settle for a venue which is just okay? The following tips will help you distinguish between the two.


3 Tips To Distinguish Between the ‘Ok’ Venue And The ‘Amazing’ Venue

  • Look Objectively Behind The Scenes

When you are being shown around to a venue, look past the glamour and see if there are things that can potentially be disappointing like dumpsters and sheds in plain view. Things that could end up in your photos and perhaps ruin them. See if there is traffic nearby that may alter backdrops for your wedding photographs.


  • Lighting

Avoid a wedding venue where the bride will be squinting throughout the ceremony to avoid the sun or a venue where space will feel cold and uninviting. Your photographer will tell you that lighting is everything. It can make or break the feel of your wedding.

Look for a ceremony space that is warm and inviting. Most venues are equipped with fluorescent lights that are not warm.


  • Rules

You can’t have a wedding ceremony in venues with no rules. It screams inexperience. Rules may be annoying, but problems arise in venues where there are no established rules and chaos may be the end result of the ceremony.


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