3 Under-the-Radar Flowers for Your Bouquet


If you are like the vast majority of the brides-to-be out there, the wedding flowers for your bouquet are almost as important as the wedding dress you will wear on the Big Day. Thus, you will give it some careful consideration before you tell your florist about your idea.

If you are searching for some really unique wedding bouquet tips, make sure to read on. We have gathered 3 beautiful, yet “under-the-radar” flowers that would look amazing in your bridal bouquet – and they will definitely inspire you to create something that is 100% unique.

  • If you have always wanted small, pretty flowers to be incorporated in your bouquet and not lose their delicate appeal, stock is the perfect choice for you. Combine it with lush, oversized peonies and it will look stunning.
  • Wild flowers. Every bride has her own style – and if you want to “wear” a bouquet that’s made out of wild flowers instead of the more “traditional” ones, that’s perfectly fine. Beautiful, unforgettable and truly bold, wild flowers can make for romantic bouquets that work perfectly with outdoor, summer weddings. Plus, wild flowers tend to be less expensive and extremely versatile too, so you have plenty of options when it comes to them!
  • Small Spring flower bouquets. There are so many wonderful Spring flowers that are really beautiful and delicate and inexpensive too. If you plan on having a Spring wedding, do not hesitate going for something less “traditional” such as lilies or lilac, for example.

Here at Stonebrook Manor Event Center Gardens, we love weddings no matter what flowers are used for their décor. Versatile and yet extremely elegant, our wedding venue is here for your Big Day – so make sure to come and see it in person! We guarantee you will NOT regret having chosen us!

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