3 Unique Colors For The Groom’s Attire

Choosing a color for your wedding tux or suit can be challenging, considering that it seems as though many colors are coming up in wedding discussions.

We hear about colors we’ve never heard before. You might be tempted to give it a general name, say blue, but then, you meet a wedding planner or walk into a wedding vendor’s store to discover it’s called “cyan.” It doesn’t make picking colors easy, especially when it has to do with your wedding attire!

But we’re going to keep you abreast with not only the suitable colors but how they fit rightly on a suit or tux.

Because your suit color is a part of what distinguishes you as the man of the day, here are some of the colors to consider for your wedding day suit or tuxedo!


3 Unique Colors For The Groom’s Attire


  • Grey

Grey color is an excellent option for suits because it goes for any season and time of any day. While the most suitable shades for the spring and summer are light grey, the darker shades can work pretty well for winter and fall weddings.

It’s this versatility that makes grey one of the top choices for suit colors. The shades also determine the kind of weddings you may use them for, say a light grey for a casual wedding, while the dark grey color can be worn for a formal wedding.


  • Blue

Blue suits like the grey ones come in two famous shades; blue and navy shades. Blue is also a smart choice because it accentuates other colors they are paired with, such as ties, pocket squares, or dress shirts.

A navy suit can work well in the winter, as opposed to the blue shade that’s perfect for spring, summer, and sparingly a fall season.


  • Tan

Tan colored suits are pretty rare, but it’s an excellent choice for a casual wedding. Alongside being fit for a simple wedding, tan suits are great for beach weddings, too, and if your theme is rustic or boho, you’re very much on the right track with a tan-colored suit.

The right venue accentuates every part of your wedding. The right suit would go well, especially when the backdrop is the ideal picturesque view for a perfect wedding.


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