3 Ways to Choose Decor for Your Wedding

One of the unique ways to tell about your personality on your wedding day is through your decor. Couples are hatching more creative ideas when it comes to their wedding day décor, giving them and their guests a more unique and memorable celebration!

Your decor is one of the most distinctive parts of your wedding, no matter what venue you’ve selected. Sometimes, people do not know what’s involved in choosing a decor, especially since it’s their first wedding; this makes it a daunting exercise.

There are elements involved in wedding decors such as tables, chairs, linen, flowers, centerpieces, etc., that you should know about.  In line with these, here are a few tips to consider when choosing your wedding décor!


3 Ways to Choose Decor for Your Wedding


  • Go with Your Style

Before choosing your style, be sure to work with the venue. The venue will determine the decor style you can pull off on your big day.

As much as choosing a style can be daunting and sometimes may leave one speechless about what they want, especially with all the types available on the internet, the key is to think about the feeling you want to give off on your day.

You may want a modern, traditional, relaxed, or romantic atmosphere, and while these are mostly the popular themes used in weddings, you may want to use a few undertones for a more distinctive outlook that speaks for you.


  • Flex with The Color Palette

To choose colors for your wedding decor, you may want to consult a color palette as a guide. Nonetheless, don’t feel obliged to have everything match perfectly; flowers, as we know, can accommodate quite a several colors and still look stunning, but you can go out of the traditional ways of combining colors.

Also, you may go for matching neutrals with neutrals instead of the usual bright colors as compliments. Be sure to make your color choices early enough in the decor planning process for better design decisions.


  • Accentuate Your Venue Features

If your venue has charming features like a fountain, ceiling beams, etc., you should factor them into your decor choices; choose designs that will accentuate those features. It can also save costs and time from excessive use of decor materials while leaving your guests awed.


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