3 Wedding Cake Myths You Should Know in 2021

Generally, most wedding myths are not myths. They may be traditions passed down through generations, and many a time, it’s fun to include them in weddings!

However, it is worthy to note that the world has evolved past the ‘do or die’ era. No one will hold you for not participating in traditional agelong activities.

Also, be sure to make inquiries about facts that may demystify these myths, so there are no regrets at any point in the course of your wedding preparations. Here are a few to keep you abreast with some wedding cake myths that you may not have heard ever.


3 Wedding Cake Myths You Should Know in 2021

  • The Fruitcake Dilemma

Should you have the fruitcake at the top or bottom tier of your cake? Or not at all even? This argument is popular among brides; it is especially true for brides who like to be more contemporary than traditional.

However, it’s your wedding, and you’ll do as you please, although sometimes, it’s a nice thing to make room for certain obligations for loved ones.


  • Baking Your Wedding Cake Is Cheaper Than Hiring A Baker

You may decide to bake your wedding cake, which may cut down on the cost. Still, other things may require your attention.

You’re supposed to get as much rest as possible and chill with family and friends, but you’ll instead use all that time to bother about your wedding cake and how to get it to your wedding venue. It takes the fun away to a certain degree.


  • You Must Have A Wedding Cake

Again, tradition! Recently, people have come up with unique and other ways, like delicious sweet treat options, to replace the feeling cake gives to wedding ceremonies.

It all depends on your style; times have changed, and some alternatives are more fun and less stressful. So if you do not want to use a cake at your wedding, you probably shouldn’t.

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