3 Wedding Roles That Will Make Your Mom Happy

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Your mother is so, so important to you – so it is natural that you want to make her very happy on your wedding day. Of course, she already plays the most important role of all – being the mother of the bride herself – but you might also want to assign her an extra-role to put her in the spotlight as well. These are some of the ways you can make your mom happy on your big wedding day!

What are some of the wedding roles that will definitely make your mom feel really proud? We have 3 ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

• Have her walk you down the aisle too. In Christian tradition, the father of the bride is the one who walks her down the aisle. However, in the Jewish tradition, both the mother and the father of the bride play this role. Why not bring this custom into your own wedding too? It will make your mother feel immensely happy!
• Does she have a family recipe for cookies, muffins, or any other sweet treat? Ask her to cook it for your wedding and serve it to your guests. We guarantee they will all be delighted with the treats – not to mention how proud your mom will feel!
• If you got really tired of the old bouquet toss, skip the tradition and offer it to your mom instead. You will make your wedding more unique this way, but more importantly, you will make your mother feel absolutely amazing for having brought up such a wonderful young lady.

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