3 Wedding Trends From The Pandemic That’s Here To Stay

The pandemic changed many things, but it also proved that change should be understood rather than feared. The pandemic has, as odd as this may sound, helped us in some ways. For one, it helped weddings become more flexible, resourceful, and creative.

The ability to adapt during the pandemic was one winning strategy that helped couples navigate through the change. A number of the good things that came with the pandemic are discussed here.

3 Wedding Trends From The Pandemic That’s Here To Stay

  • More Pop-up Weddings

The pandemic introduced pop-up weddings, where wedding cost gets shared amongst various couples. This means costs can be shared between several couples getting married on the same day, but at different times in the same venue.


  • Shorter Guest Lists

Pandemic laws required any gathering or occasion to host only a specific number of guests. Weddings weren’t exempted from this. It has helped couples in being more intentional towards choosing the guests they would want at their weddings.

Couples have seen the need to prioritize their guests – selecting people they are confident would be a part of their lives long after their wedding.


  • Traditional Rules Are Relegated

In 2020, weddings saw the need to take out most traditional parts, such as cake cutting, formal ceremonies, speeches, etc. Instead, it has given couples the chance to personalize their weddings.

They tell their love stories in their ways and, in turn, take out the pressure that comes with trying to keep to the traditional wedding demands.

While typical weddings have returned, more couples are beginning to appreciate the unique changes introduced by the pandemic.


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