4 Alternative Themes for Your Wedding in Colorado

Deciding on the theme for your wedding can be a bit difficult. Plus, chances are that after a forced stay at home order like the one we all have to go through, you’d want your Denver wedding to be a refreshing boost and a grand celebration of freedom. This may be why you’re deciding not to go with regular wedding themes. If you’re the one we’ve described above, here are a few different themes that you can choose to go for instead, from us here at Stonebrook Manor.


4 Alternative Themes for Your Wedding in Colorado


  • An Alternative Themed Wedding

An alternative themed wedding is one that certainly stands out from the crowd. It could be of a subculture like the Renaissance or something of famous pop culture. When it comes to fashion for this wedding, it could be regular or completely the opposite of ordinary.

  • A Wedding with An Art Deco Theme

The Art Deco theme is a nod to the American culture in the 1920s with things like Chrysler and the empire state building. A wedding with this spunky and glamorous theme features things like jazz music. At a wedding like this, there must also be lots of champagne.

  • A DIY Wedding

A lot of effort will go into a DIY themed wedding, but with the lockdown, you have lots of time on your hands. So, feel free to go ahead. Personalization will be present at every turn of this wedding with handcrafted items and favors done by the couple. Handwritten thank-you notes would not also be out of the question here.

  • A Wedding with A Whimsical Theme

A whimsical wedding is a beauty to behold. It features storybook romance, an enchanting, eclectic atmosphere, and an intimacy that is hard to beat!  If you’re going for this theme, you must be ready to keep to theme right from when you send out your invites.

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