4 Chairs to Consider For Your Wedding

No, planning a wedding isn’t just about buying the right dress, knowing your guests, and choosing the perfect venue. What if you are going for an outdoor event in the unpredictable weather of spring or the hotness of the summer, and you select chairs that may get hot with the weather? No one will appreciate that.

It is details like this that help your wedding stand out and impress your guests. To capture all the little details concerning your wedding, you must start planning early enough.

Also, a professional wedding planner will go a long way in seeing that no details are omitted, especially when you’re planning for the first time. To this issue of deciding the type of chairs to rent for your wedding, here are a few to consider!


4 Chairs to Consider For Your Wedding


  • Chairs That Fold

Chairs that fold are the easiest to use, especially for your outdoor wedding, as they are light to carry around, should there be a need for seating adjustments.

They come in different styles and sizes, such as wooden and metal. They do not require dramatic decor to give your seating the sophistication it desires.


  • Classic Chiavari

Chiavari chairs, with their padded seats, are a famous option for weddings. They look great in any color and are most famous for their wooden tones, although transparent ones are gaining momentum. They go well with drape décor and greenery—a classic for all types of wedding ceremonies.


  • Caned Back Chair

The caned back chair is woven from rattan or bamboo strands. Famous for the French colonial era, caned-back chairs are returning in style to give weddings the vintage or rustic touch!


  • Ghost Chairs

For the new couple going for a whimsical-themed wedding, ghost chairs are the perfect chairs for your ceremony. They’re also a way to go if you’re going with the minimalist style; less is more.


The chairs you need for your wedding ceremony should suit your venue and theme. Stonebrook Manor has just the right venue for your wedding! Have us give your wedding the appropriate atmosphere. Contact us now.

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