4 Decor Ideas for A Colorado Spring Wedding

Spring is right around the corner, but Coronavirus is blocking your path to it. So, what do you do, since you’ve always wanted to have a spring wedding? The answer is simple. Take care of yourself and be strict about hygiene, then postpone your wedding for the next 8 weeks.

That’s really the only thing you need to do. Coronavirus won’t be there forever. Just be a little patient and don’t forget what’s most important to you: A beautiful wedding celebrated with all your loved ones around you. So, keep making those plans because who knows, the virus could be dealt with even sooner than anyone expected. Your spring wedding might just end up becoming a reality after all! In that case, have a read of the great ideas below.

Spring is a season that symbolizes new beginnings so that naturally makes it a great season to get married here in Colorado. The blossoming flowers and beautiful greenery that comes with this season will add to the beauty of your day and help to create the perfect atmosphere. If you have plans to have your wedding this spring, here are some tips from us here at Stonebrook Manor on the best décor ideas for your wedding.


4 Decor Ideas for A Colorado Spring Wedding


  • Incorporate A Spring Holiday

Like, say Easter. If you love the joy that Easter brings, a great décor idea is to incorporate it into your wedding décor. You can use Lindt bunnies as favors and an Easter egg hunt can be a great way to keep the kids present at your wedding occupied. Your wedding’s color scheme should have lots of delicate yellows and sugarcraft flowers on your wedding cake would also be a great nod to the season.

  • Create Your Table Flowers

This is a great way to personalize your wedding and complement your overall theme. You can download a tutorial that shows how you can DIY your flowers for your wedding tables and the innovative materials to use to make it creative and beautiful. Using pastel colors is a great way to keep your project spring-themed while you have a little fun.

  • A Sprinkle of Glitter

There is nothing that says fun and joy like glitter so since spring is a season of fun and laughter, glitter is a great idea to incorporate. You could go with a sequin table runner or do some DIY design with glitter sprinkles on real spring flowers to perfect the theme.

  • Double Up Favors and Decor

A great way to do this is to DIY bird seeds as your wedding favor. They would look great in jars on your wedding table and your guests can take them home later to feed the birds in their gardens. A win-win for everyone don’t you think?

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