4 Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding

One top-tier way to make your wedding stand out is by featuring the right entertainment. Your guests have come to celebrate your love story. So why not entertain them in return? The kind of entertainment you provide at your wedding will determine if it will be discussed in the coming years! From art installation to planning a parade, here are a few wedding entertainment ideas to consider!


4 Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding


  • A Parade

After the ceremony, walking back down the aisle may not be enough, as there are lots of confetti to spray and several recessional tunes to play. So why not extend this procession by making it a parade? A parade can also be an avenue to move from your ceremony venue to the reception if you’re not using the same place for both.


  • An Art Installation

Couples and artists have found a way to merge art and love stories to give wedding guests an interactive and entertaining experience. Examples of art installations are a gigantic banana peel on the floor of a reception venue and a centerpiece featuring a Golding nautical rope of 250 feet!


  • Mobile Bar

A mobile bar is considered the second key ingredient for wedding entertainment, after music. The great thing about a mobile bar is its ability to fit into any wedding theme because it can be decorated according to the wedding style. It also makes for great photoshoots as well as a unique decor element in a wedding!


  • Slow Motion Videos

While we enjoy slow-motion, like Arnold Schwarzenegger slowly walking away from an explosion, slow-motion videos can also work as a fantastic entertainment tool for weddings!


For epic slow-motion videos, let your guests have some confetti, bubbles, or silly strings for a keepsake. Your wedding deserves the right venue to elevate all your entertainment ideas. Stonebrook Manor is a beautiful and ideal venue for your wedding. With our unique locations, we’re confident that your big day will be nothing short of amazing! Contact us today!

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