Honeymoon Tips

4 Essential Tips for the Perfect Honeymoon

After all the wedding planning and the stress of making sure the Big Day is perfect, you and your fiancé deserve to go away somewhere nice – just the two of you and a new world of beauties brought to life in front of your eyes.  

Of course, all couples dream of the perfect honeymoon – but how do you make it happen?  

Read on and find out more about the essentials behind a flawless honeymoon.  

Tips for the perfect honeymoon

  • Pack lightly. You don’t want to be carrying around heavy bags on your honeymoon – stick to the very basics and you will be grateful you didNot only do you risk having to leave behind part of your luggage or pay extra at foreign airports, but it is quite likely that you will want to bring back a lot of souvenirs for those back home, so you definitely want to leave extra space in your bags 
  • Be prepared from a linguistic point of view. You might not be able to learn Chinese in a month (while also planning your wedding!), but you should definitely download a few apps and get comfortable using them before you go. From maps translated in English to short language guides to help you out in a new city, your smartphone can host some of the most useful travel apps ever – don’t shy away from using them.  
  • Try not to plan every single second of the honeymoon. Yes, there are a lot of things you want to do and see. But that doesn’t mean that you should plan every single minute of this special vacation. Leave room for you to improvise as well – try to let yourself be carried away a little and discover hidden jewels travel guides don’t talk aboutThese moments will actually provide the best memories of the trip 
  • Bring back something for your one-year anniversary. A bottle of something special you tried while away on your honeymoon will instantly bring back the memories of this magical vacation – and so could anything edible (as long as it can last that long, of course).  


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