4 Simple Tips for Changing Your Wedding Date

As of March 19, 2020, Colorado had 277 known cases of coronavirus and as much as we might like to not believe it, coronavirus is here until we do something about it. This is why the CDC as of March 15, 2020, advised that weddings in the country should be postponed by at least 8 weeks. Now if your wedding fell into the above date, we are sure that you are in contact with all the vendors and services that you need to be in contact with concerning your postponement and a new date. We, however, felt that an article with tips on what to do when changing your wedding date would help. They are in the following paragraphs. We at Stonebrook Manor advise that you first keep calm and understand that most of your guests understand your dilemma so you can just go with the flow and follow these tips when making a date change.


4 Simple Tips for Changing Your Wedding Date


  • Have A New Date And Location In Mind While Announcing

Things are still a bit cloudy but the CDC has given till mid-May so you should be looking at a date around or after that period to be on the safe side. As soon as you can, give your guests a finalized date so they can plan accordingly.

  • Talk to Your Booked Accommodations

Depending on the time of cancellation, most vendors and accommodations will work with you to minimize loss to your guests. If you communicate early and well enough with your guests, they might be able to work something out to minimize their losses or reschedule their reservations.

  • Expect That Some of Your Guests May Not Be Able to Make It

This is a trying time for many people and we don’t know what the future holds. Understand that some of your guests won’t be able to make it even on the new date and be gracious about it. You could try to make some plans to spend time with them at a much later date if it is safe.

  • Remember Your Wedding Party Too

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen may not be able to be as available for you on the new date too. So please make sure to ask them again and not just expect them to rearrange their lives. Those who can be there will certainly make an effort to not let you down but you have to be careful to not put unreasonable expectations on your wedding party.

We pray and hope this pandemic passes as soon as possible but, in the meantime, remember to stay safe and practice social distancing. Also, remember that we are an award-winning venue for your wedding in Thornton Colorado and are ready to answer whatever questions you have. Contact us today!

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