4 Things That Your Wedding Definitely Needs

2019 was a great year for us here at Denver’s premier indoor and outdoor wedding venue, that’s why we’re more than excited to welcome you to 2020. To kickstart this year, we’ll be sharing some tips based on things we’ve noticed over the years that will go a long way towards the success of your wedding ceremony. Ready?

4 Things That Your Wedding Definitely Needs

  • A Timeline

A timeline can go a long way towards the organization of your whole wedding. A good timeline will take care of your guests, organize your wedding dinner, and cut out too much downtime where people are wondering what is happening next. So even if you plan to have a free and fun day, do yourself the favor of creating a timeline and then hand it over to the people who will be helping you at the ceremony. The aim is for you and your partner to not have to answer any questions about what’s happening next.

  • A Storage and Transportation Plan

This is an important detail that people ignore all the time. If you’ll be bringing your decor to your wedding, you will need a good storage and transportation plan. And you’ll need it before the wedding day. You shouldn’t start looking for how to get them to the venue on that day. Also, remember that you’ll need space for things like DIY favors if you’re doing those and all the other accessories that you’ll need for your wedding.

  • Contracts

Whether a pro or a close friend, our experts advise giving a contract for every service that you’ll need. This will help point our exactly what you need done, when and how. This will help towards avoiding disagreements later. Professionals will already have a contract that they’ll come with, or send to you. For friends, you can download a standard contract online. Just make sure it’s explicit and specific.

  • Get Help

As tempting as it might be to want to do this on your own, don’t do it. Many helpful services are ready to work with you and your budget where your wedding is concerned. Our location here at Stonebrook Manor also has an event planning team that you can work with. Ask for help and ask for it early.

Planning to have your wedding in Thornton, Colorado and its environs? Then Stonebrook Manor is the right location for you. We’ve hosted lots of weddings and have all the experience that you’ll need. How about booking a tour with us to find out for yourself? Give us a call today!

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