4 Things to Look For In A Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is an essential part of your wedding, and as such, you need to cater to it on time. Therefore, finding the proper venue for your wedding is a top-tier concern that should be handled early in your wedding planning process.

But sometimes, couples secure the first venue that catches their eyes, not minding the important factors that may cause unwanted hitches.

Well, to be sure that a venue is right for your wedding, here are four things to look for in a wedding venue!


4 Things to Look For In A Wedding Venue


  • Great Views

Great views are important in choosing a wedding view. Some venues offer more than one type of view. However, you should select the one that speaks best to you because it’s the first thing your guests notice when they walk into your venue.

It could be landscape, terrace, crashing waves, or rolling mountains – whatever suits you best. If your venue doesn’t offer such, try using architectural accents such as Persian rugs, artworks hung on walls, furniture, Chandeliers, etc.


  • Sound Quality

Spaces can affect the quality of sound produced in the area. For example, an echoey space can make it challenging to have audible conversations between guests.

In the same vein, there are kinds of music that work with specific areas. So, be sure to visit the venue during a few events to determine how well it works with sounds.

If you’re looking to amplify sounds, go with a wooden or tiled floor, as a floor with a thick carpet tends to muffle sounds.


  • A Large Parking Space

A venue with parking options for guests is essential. Another option is to make sure you get a venue near a parking lot or an empty street that allows for legal parking. Otherwise, you may use a van to commute your guests to and from your wedding venue.


  • Bathrooms

Your wedding will most likely take the whole day, so expect guests to use the convenience at least once a day. A venue with a bathroom option should be top of your list of venues. Even better if the bathroom options can cover your guest count. Also, check for bathrooms that are ADA-compliant if you’re having guests with disabilities.


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