4 Tips on Giving Great Toasts at A Wedding

Toasts can either be the best part of your wedding or the worst part. There is usually no in-between. We’ve seen lots of great toasts here at Stonebrook Manor, and we thought that we should share some tips on them in this article. So here are some key features that your toast should include if you want it to be a memorable and fun toast.


4 Tips on Giving Great Toasts at A Wedding


  • Identify Yourself

At weddings, there is always some chance that some people in attendance do not know who you are. Before you go into the nitty-gritty of your speech, introduce yourself. Explain your relationship to the couple and keep in mind that how you present yourself is what they will be leaving the wedding with.

  • Thank the Hosts

Giving a shoutout to whoever footed the bill of the wedding is an essential part of your toast also, regardless of whether it is the parents, one parent, or even the couple themselves. You should also include an acknowledgment of the guests who are attending. It goes a long way.

  • Congratulate the Newlyweds

The couple is the reason why you are at the wedding in the first place, so don’t let your congratulations slip your mind. Applaud the couple and say a few words wishing them well in their future too.

  • Feature Some Personal Stories

Usually, at a wedding, your value as a toast maker depends on your relationship with the couple. A few personal stories are great for putting any doubts to rest where your relationship with them is concerned. It will also capture the intrigue of your audience.

Don’t only tell stories, but draw out endearing characters of the couples from your accounts and find a way to link it as a complement to each other. Personal stories are a nice touch to your wedding toasts.

Here at Stonebrook Manor, we’ve been hosting breathtaking weddings for couples in Denver and its environs at our gorgeous venue for a long time. We love it when couples contact us about their weddings and would love to hear from you concerning yours. Give us a call today.

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