4 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Wedding Seating Arrangement

The seating plan for your Denver wedding may seem like it’s a small thing until you are right in the middle it and it turns out to be the most complicated task you’ve ever undertaken. For some families, the seating arrangements aren’t difficult or stressful at all, but for many others, the plan can take a lot of delicacy and tact alongside one or two stiff drinks as well. With seating plans, you can’t do it last minute and you can’t delegate it either. So, how do you make it easier? Here are some great tips from us at Stonebrook Manor to help you.

4 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Wedding Seating Arrangement

  • It Is Not Going to Be Perfect

Seating plans never are. Never in the history of weddings has the perfect seating plan been created. Just remember that your guests will probably only spend about 90 minutes seated at their tables and get to spend the rest of the night with whomever they like. So, if you can just avoid seating two people who despise each other together, everyone should be fine.

  • Will You Be Having Set Seats or Just Set Tables.

With set tables, you can just assign everyone to a table and they can find their seats. But you should only do this if you know your guests can handle it. Otherwise, assign everyone to a set seat.

  • Where Is the Bridal Table?

You can either have this table in the front of the room or in the middle with everybody else. You can also choose to have the wedding party seat with their partners or scattered across the room. A bridal table in the middle makes it easier to interact with your family and guests.

  • What Shape And Size Tables Do You Want

Liaise with your wedding venue for this one. They might have specific allowances around this. Just remember to make sure that you have enough tables and seats to seat people comfortably. You also want them to be able to sit, stand and move around comfortably too.

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