4 Tips to Help You Throw the Perfect Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower

If you have been delegated to plan your friend’s bridal shower in Denver, you want to make sure this is a party she’ll never forget. However, as we all know it, weddings and pre-wedding events can be quite financially straining for bridesmaids – so you might also want to take a budget-friendly event into consideration.

Can you pull that off without compromising on the beauty of the moment?

Yes, and we have gathered some tips to help you with this. Read on and find out more.

4 Tips to Help You Throw the Perfect Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower

  • Write it down. Don’t just think of what would be a feasible budget – write it down and split it according to the various expenses you will have to cover (space, décor, entertainment, food, and so on). Where do you draw the line? How much can each bridesmaid afford to spend? Consider these things and put them down on paper.
  • Don’t do it alone. Just because you’re the Maid of Honor (or just because you have been assigned with this task), it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. On the contrary, getting another friend to chip in you will make everything better – it will lower the stress and help you make sure no detail is missed.
  • Go the DIY route with the décor. You don’t have to go too over the top on this, and you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. You could, for example, buy bulk flowers and arrange them in vases on your own. You could also hunt for dollar store items you can incorporate in the décor (balloons, for example). Pinterest is a great source of inspiration when it comes to this – so check it out and see which of the ideas will be suitable for your friend.
  • Free printables. Your invitations, the day-of stationery, and even fun shower games can all be found online, completely free of charge. Google it up a bit and make a selection of the best ideas, then print them out. Since bridal showers are low-key events, this is a most appropriate kind of entertainment to include in the plan!

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