4 Ways to Handle Cards and Gifts Guests Bring

There are a few different ways to handle cards and gifts that guests bring to your wedding. For example, you can have a designated table for them, assign someone to collect them as they come in, or have a post-wedding open house where guests can drop off gifts!


4 Ways to Handle Cards and Gifts Guests Bring


  • Ensure There’s Space

If you have a designated table for gifts and cards, ensure you have enough space for everything. You’ll also need a place for guests to write down their names and addresses so you can send thank-you cards.


  • Delegate Someone to Collect the Cards

If you’re having someone collect cards and gifts as they come in, make sure that person is stationed near the entrance and has a large basket or box to put them in.


  • Announce Important Info on Your Invitations

If you’re having a post-wedding open house, announce it on your invitations and include the date and time.

This is also an excellent opportunity for guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding to give you their gift. Just make sure you have enough room to store everything!


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