4 Ways to Have An Extraordinary Wedding Reception

Often, your guests care more for your reception because that’s where all the wedding fun lies, from the food service to the dance to the cocktail hour! It’s, however, not the extra dramatic effects that you add to your reception that make it fabulous.

Instead, there are tiny details you don’t have to sleep on or let slip to make your reception impressive and unforgettable. Here are some tips to consider in making your wedding reception extraordinary!


4 Ways to Have An Extraordinary Wedding Reception


  • Make Out Quiet Places

Not every guest wants to sit through loud music, especially when they are still looking to socialize. So be sure to make out quiet spaces where they can go to get acquainted if there’s a need.

You’ll have most likely witnessed a wedding where people left when the first dance was over. It could be one of many things, and not socializing more over loud music can be it.


  • Use Signs

The use of signage (s) is essential, especially if your reception is in a different venue, or even a little distance away, in the same venue as the ceremony.

It’ll help if your guests don’t walk into strangers (that may be guests too) at intervals, asking where the restroom is located. In addition, you may make the signages align with your wedding’s theme!


  • Keep Your Youngest Guests Busy

Have space where you can set the table for kids to have fun because let’s face it, it’s going to be quite a long day for anyone in a kid’s shoes.

Parents would love some time to relax and have fun without having to keep watching over their kids at every instant. Hiring a wedding nanny can be effective for this part.


  • Avoid Long Vacant Times Between Key Activities

Your guests won’t enjoy standing or sitting around at your wedding reception without having an idea of what’s next on the timeline. DJs usually use vacant times for fun games and good music.


The proper venue to go with your fun-packed wedding reception will be the icing on the cake. That’s all your wedding needs to be extraordinary and memorable!

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