5 Amazing Style Ideas to Inspire Your Future Colorado Wedding Planning

How are you our couples and potential couples in Denver, its environs and all around the world doing? Are you practicing social distancing and staying safe? We at Stonebrook Manor would like to let you know that you are not alone in times like this and that we’re here for you.

While you practice social distancing and quarantine yourselves at home, one of the things that can help keep you busy is planning your future wedding. When it is finally safe to hold weddings again, would you want a romantic, classic or rustic one? If you are still trying to make up your mind, here is a list of some popular ones to help inspire you.

5 Amazing Style Ideas to Inspire Your Future Colorado Wedding Planning

  • Bohemian

For a boho wedding, it is best to have an outdoor ceremony. You could then go for a minimalist style décor with geometric shapes and clean lines if you want to make it modern but still boho. Otherwise, just stick to the macramé, unstructured florals, and dream catchers for the perfect boho look.

  • Elegant Vintage

For an elegant vintage wedding, picture getting married in a beautiful ballroom and add pearls lace and mismatched antiques to perfect the look. Or have a formal black-tie event. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  • Romantic Luxury

Host your wedding in a grand ballroom like ours and include touches of gold, twinkling pendants and lots of flowers to perfect this style. Draped fabric is also great at really bringing this theme out.

  • Modern Vintage

It might sound ironic but there is such a thing as a modern vintage wedding. Have your wedding at a modern location like ours and find ways to introduce vintage elements like pearls and bunting. You could also put on a vintage dress to perfect the theme.

  • Classic Romantic

When you think of this style picture a fairytale or Disney wedding and you won’t go wrong. Find ways to creatively incorporate these elements into your wedding and the result will be beautiful. We’re talking ballgown wedding dresses and more.

Stonebrook Manor would be a great location for you to have the wedding of your dreams as soon as it’s safe to do so here in Thornton, Colorado. What do you think? Give us a call today!

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