5 Great Ways to Plan A Lavish Wedding On A Tight Budget

Most times, couples or anyone hosting a wedding event always looks for ways to cut cost and still achieve a glamorous ceremony. Planning a wedding on a tight or small budget may seem impossible, but it’s entirely achievable, and here’s how:


5 Great Ways to Plan A Lavish Wedding On A Tight Budget


  • Shop From Open Markets

Shopping from an open market is an option that most brides won’t hear of or adopt. However, it’s one of the significant ways to save or cut costs when you’re planning a wedding.

Acclaimed bridal stores tend to charge high prices for bridals, adding the pleasant atmosphere you enjoy when you walk into their stores.

If you’re tight on your wedding budget, an open market is an excellent option for your accessories, shoes, and maybe gown.


  • For Every Shop, Ask For Discounts

It would be best if you got as many discounts as you can to achieve this. Many shops or places don’t tell you about deals. Who doesn’t want some extra cash?

You can also use family and friends to call people who offer services, and they may have referral discounts to offer.


  • Use A Trimmed Guest List

Trimming down your wedding guests is only logical if you’re planning with a tight budget. The number of guests will determine your venue’s size, the quantity of food you’ll serve, etc.


  • Make Plans For A Simple Wedding Cake

Simple wedding cakes are always less pricey than dramatic ones. It’s common sense; the more the flavors, steps, and decor, the costlier it will be, and most of your guests will not care if your cake tastes like heaven.


  • Employ e-Invites

In recent times, people don’t see the need to include physical invites to announce their wedding dates and invite their guests.

This will save you the cost of stationery and pay for designing invitation cards and having detailed items as invitations.


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