5 Ideas For Decorating Banquet Tables For Your Wedding

Your wedding table decor is inevitably one of the first things your guests will notice. This is especially true if you have banquet tables that go well with any type of event, small or large.

However, because of their long nature, it may be a daunting process to decorate them. A few ideas to help with your choice of decorating banquet tables for your wedding are listed below:


5 Ideas For Decorating Banquet Tables For Your Wedding


  • Little Linen, Plenty Greenery

Greenery is especially suitable for rustic-themed spring weddings and budgets. You may use ferns, eucalyptus, rosemary, etc., in vases or Mason jars for centerpieces or wrapped around the linen.

For Your linen, your style will determine your choice. However, dark linens add a touch of drama and are suitable for big halls or rooms.


  • Lighting

Using lighting as part of your table decor can create a fairy look that will stun your guests. Run strings of lights around the centerpieces and greenery to provide a magical feel.

You may also go for a warm and informal setting by employing table lamps or lit candles as centerpieces.

Include lights strung around under the table and reflecting from beneath the drapes; it’s sure to enhance the atmosphere’s feel.


  • Chandeliers?

Chandeliers may not be present on the table, but when hung above the table, it gives the feel of sophistication and royalty. You may hang as many as necessary, depending on the length of the tables. Of course, this goes well with rectangular banquet tables.


  • Flowers

Flowers are a perfect decor idea for your table, primarily as centerpieces, but they can also mix with greenery for effect. For instance, tall floral centerpieces above eye level and that come with a variety of stands give room for your guests to interact with themselves. Also, you may scatter a few rose petals and confetti for a fairytale feel.


  • Runners

Table runners are perfect for rustic-themed weddings. Your runners’ style can give a glamorous look to your décor. We say this because it involves tables that you’ll prefer no linens on.

Runners provide a unique feel and are especially an easy way to decorate your banquet tables. Also, they go perfectly with large long tables.


Your wedding needs the perfect venue and decor to create an atmosphere of entertainment for your guests. It adds to the great memories that your guests will remember.

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