5 Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites have become very common. During this pandemic where lots of couples have to pass information across to their guests often, it’s become very important to have one. Websites are also great for centralizing your wedding details and managing communication in an easy and straightforward way. That’s why we at Stonebrook Manor have put together these tips to help with the elements to include in the wedding website for your wedding in Denver or any of its environs.

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Your Wedding Website

  • Registry Information And/or Links

It may be bad etiquette to include registry information on your wedding invitations, but no such restrictions apply to your wedding website. In fact, this makes it easier for everyone. Especially if you have registered for online stores making it possible for your gifts to be purchased and delivered at the click of a button.

  • Online RSVPs

An online RSVPs on your website is a convenient and fast way for your guests to indicate that they’ll be attending your wedding. It will also be easy for you to centralize, count and organize the responses that you get.

  • Coordinate with Your Wedding Theme

Your website will look even better if you coordinate it with the color that you’ve chosen as the theme for your wedding. It will create a homogenous appearance for everything that concerns your wedding which is a good thing.

  • Add Pictures

Cute pictures, engagement pictures, or even pictures that show parts of your wedding planning are an absolute necessity. Your guests will love feeling like they are a part of your wedding planning story which means they’ll be happier at your wedding.

  • Share Your Story

There’s nothing like a good love story to keep your guests excited and happy. So, by all means, feel free to share yours on your website. Tell everyone how you met each other when you had your first date and even about your proposal. It’s a nice touch to include.

Looking for a fantastic wedding venue in Colorado? Contact Stonebrook Manor and let us host the joyous day that will be your wedding day when it’s safe to do so. Give us a call as soon as you can but in the meantime, please stay safe.

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