5 Things You Stick with A Professional for At Your Wedding

Even though there are some obvious advantages to planning your wedding by yourself, the disadvantages far outweigh them. Stress and pressure alone are things to contend with. With that being said, there are certain aspects of your weddings where we, as experienced wedding professionals here at Stonebrook Manor, would advise you to stick to a professional.


5 Things You Stick with A Professional for At Your Wedding


  • Hair and Makeup

Most women know how to do their hair and makeup quite well, thanks to social media apps like YouTube. For your wedding day, we suggest you book a professional as soon as you have your wedding date. This will ensure that you look your best for photographs, and you also deserve to feel pampered on your special day.

  • Flowers

Florals are one of those elements that have to be arranged a day or two before and best left to a professional. You can look around until you find a florist that you resonate with and use a lot of greenery in place of flowers, but please hire a professional.

  • Your Cake

Not only with the baking but also with the transportation on the wedding day. You will have way too many things doing to focus properly as you should when it comes to the baking of the wedding cake, and you should not even consider transporting the cake to the venue yourself. Hire a professional baker that you can trust.

  • Food

Just like with the cake, you do not have the time. And catering to a large number of people you’ll be having for your wedding is a whole different thing from the fancy meals you whip up for yourself and close friends occasionally. Hire a caterer!

  • The Music

No dear, your friend with the great playlist cannot handle the entertainment at your wedding. Please hire either a wedding band or a DJ well in advance. They can announce the bridal party as well as other events that need to happen on your wedding timeline.

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