5 Unique Ways to Have a Wedding to Remember in 2021

Like any other important event, a wedding needs to leave lasting impressions in the minds of the couple and their guests alike. Your guests should not forget your special day in a hurry.

There are ways to keep your wedding forever in the hearts of your guests. Check out a few of these ways below!


5 Unique Ways to Have a Wedding to Remember in 2021


  • Use A Dramatic Entrance

Amaze your guests by arriving in a horse carriage or have four macho men carry you in on a decorated slate while someone plays the bagpipes.


  • Have A Ring Warming Ritual

A ring warming ritual usually includes passing the wedding bands round and having the guests send their love and well before placing them on each finger. The rite will not only be fun, but it will also give your guests a sense of participation.


  • Create A Custom Mad Libs Game

Since Mad Libs is a game of words and sentences, you can create a sheet of statements with missing words or sentences represented by blank spaces and have your guests fill them.

The guests can fill them with words of advice or how well they know you individually or as a couple. The sheets can be recollected and read out during your couple speech(es) for fun and merriment.


  • Entertain Song Requests

Make your ceremony all-inclusive; ask guests to pen down their favorite song on the RSVP cards, hand them to the DJ in a compiled, and let the DJ do their thing!


  • Use Personalized Wedding Gifts

Giving gifts at your wedding is inevitably one of the best ways to keep your day alive in the minds of your guests long after your wedding.

Even better, when your wedding gifts have your names and pictures with words of gratitude printed on them, the gesture nails itself into their minds and hearts.

We recommend you use everyday household equipment like glassware, bottle openers, towels, etc. You can include a bottle of wine in the gifts.


Include spontaneous surprises in your wedding ceremony to ensure your guests keep talking about it for all the right reasons and for years to come.

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