5 Ways to Plan a Successful Winter Wedding

Winter is upon us, and we have prepared the best tips to have a winter wedding to remember! The cloud, the snow, and all the wonder that winter brings all converge to make your wedding day truly special.

You can use everything to your advantage. Put on those fancy snow boots, and shawls and come with us as we give you a tour of our do’s and don’ts for your winter wedding!


5 Ways to Plan a Successful Winter Wedding


  • Always Keep Warm

For your winter wedding, let your comfort come before fashion. Choose a wedding dress with long sleeves or one that goes well with a shawl or a jacket.

Make sure that your bridesmaids are not left out as well. You may even distribute heat packs to your guests, especially if you have an outdoor wedding.


  • Choose a Venue Suitable for the Weather

Winter weddings are more appropriately held in a hall with a heating system. Check the venue before hiring to make sure that their heater works and ascertain if there’s anything that can make both you and your guests uncomfortable during the wedding.


  • Keep it Short

You don’t want to keep your guests in the cold at your wedding. Where is the fun in that? Don’t draw it out more than necessary.


  • Make sure the Music is good enough to Dance to

Your DJ or band should be experienced enough to know that winter weddings require guests to dance off the cold.

So, songs that encourage them to stand up from their seats and move to the beats is necessary. Communicate your requirements to them before hiring or securing their services.


  • Make Sure the Food is Suitable for the Weather

Hot chocolates, hot soups, tea, and even coffee are great here! Just make sure that the food and drinks shared are enough to keep your guests’ warmed up and satisfied.

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