5 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Reception

Planning your wedding reception doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun if you have all the right things and people with you! So have a read below for amazing tips on ways to plan the best wedding reception possible!


5 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Reception


  • Start Early

Start your preparations early to get all that you will need for the decorations. Sometimes the trials may take longer than the decorations so getting a head start is key to finishing on time and doing a good job.


  • Select the Guest List

You should know the approximate number of guests you will invite before choosing a venue. However, before you start any preparations, make sure that you have your guest list ready by your side.

Keep it in mind and make all the necessary arrangements accordingly. You don’t have to invite everyone you know, especially if you are on a budget. Your close friends and family are enough.


  • Get Help from Friends and Family

Involve your friends and family in your planning, along with the event planner, if you decide to hire one.

Many helping hands makes things easier and faster. Make sure that you can determine where they fit best in the planning process so that they can give it their all.


  • Hire Experienced Vendors

Vendors make your work less cumbersome, and there are many of them. The DJ, caterers, florists, and photographers are but a few.

Sometimes your wedding venue vendors may have some of the services as part of the package. It will be a lot easier than hiring individual vendors and, in some cases, a lot cheaper too.


  • Involve Your Partner

Don’t make decisions big or small without involving your partner or asking for his opinion. His opinion counts just as much as yours except perhaps when it comes to the wedding dress.

Either way, it is both your wedding. Panning it together helps build your relationship. You’ll get better in terms of communication and handling disagreement.

Be willing to listen as much as you are ready to offer your opinion.

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