6 Fun Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding

Your wedding reception doesn’t need to take the traditional timeline. These days people are incorporating fun entertainment ideas to make their weddings stand out and be as enjoyable as possible for everyone who attends.

There are one too many options when it concerns wedding entertainment, and here are a few you may adopt for your big day.


6 Fun Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding


  • Couple Contests

There are fun ways to create a contest among a wedding couple, such as a dancing competition, a game that determines how well you know your partner, etc.

Keep your guests on their toes with anticipation, excitement, and suspense. Who isn’t pleased to find out how well couples know themselves. It brings out the cuteness in romance!


  • A Photo Booth

Having a photo booth where your guests can have fun photos can be a great entertainment form at your wedding.

Also, kids love to play around with things like that, and it will make a great kid stand to keep your youngest guests busy and out of their parents’ hairs.


  • The ‘Guess Who’ Game

The guess who game may be introduced by your DJ, especially if you’re trying to stall your guests to get more time before the next item on your timeline.

The great thing about the ‘guess who’ game is that even your guests who are kids can participate.


  • Karaoke

Karaoke is a great entertaining idea for a wedding. It can also serve as a comic relief when your guests are recorded. Have the videos projected at the end of the event; it will get everyone laughing.


  • Sideshows Of Your Fun Pictures

Whether it’s pictures from your childhood or any moment you cherish, give your guests a hilarious experience with a sideshow of a mix of your funny and cute and emotional pictures.


  • The Bouncy Castle

Appeal to the child in every guest by giving them the fun experience that comes with a bouncy castle, and the shoes fly!


Your venue compliments the kind of fun you would want at your wedding. With Stonebrook Manor, you’re sure to have the perfect venue for all the worthy fun entertainment ideas you’ve planned for your big day! Contact us now.

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