6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invite Someone to Your Wedding

For the past few weeks and some weeks to come, social distancing is vital to our survival as a people and that means weddings have been put on pause. Do not despair though. This is not permanent and governments and scientists all over the world working to find a solution, this will soon pass and life can go back to what it was. We at Stonebrook Manor would like to remind you that we’re here for you in this trying time. While waiting for it to become safe again for weddings, you can take steps towards planning your wedding and work on important things like your guest list. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to determine who should and who shouldn’t be on your guest list.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invite Someone to Your Wedding

  • Have I Met This Person Before?

As funny as it sounds, couples frequently meet new people at their own wedding. They could be distant relatives of associates of people that they have invited. The decision is strictly up to you though and you are under no obligation to invite a coworker to your friend who you’ve never met before.

  • When Was the Last Time I Saw This Person?

If you haven’t seen them in the last 12- 18 months and they aren’t that close, you probably shouldn’t invite them.

  • Did I Attend Their Wedding?

If you were at their wedding years ago and have lost contact, you may not need to invite them. But if they invited you for their wedding recently, courtesy demands that you extend an invite.

  • Do I Spend Holidays and Birthdays with Them?

If you see them at the big events in your life and theirs, they should be included in your wedding- period!

  • Are We Inviting the Rest of Their Family?

If you have 3 cousins and you’re close to 2, you should invite all 3. For the sake of peace.

  • Am I Comfortable Being Around This Person?

Your wedding should be a fun experience for you. Try not to invite too many people that you cannot be yourself in front of.

Stonebrook Manor is a great location for your wedding in Denver and its environs. When we do get past this pandemic and you’re ready to have your wedding party, reach out to us. You can even contact us with any questions you might have now. Give us a call today!

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