6 Table Layout Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

If you’re at this point in your wedding planning, you’re probably aware it’s one of the not so rosy parts. Deciding who sits where at your wedding can be stressful. But before you get to that point, you first have to tackle your table arrangements.

Deciding how the tables at your wedding will be arranged is important. You can use this arrangement to maximize space or even fill out space where it’s a bit too big. The layout at your wedding reception can follow any of the following patterns.


6 Table Layout Ideas for Your Wedding Reception


  • End-to-End Banquet Tables

This set up is great for maximizing the space in a wedding with many guests. Your head table and the table for your family members can be smaller and placed in the middle of the room. It is great if you’re at a wedding venue where the space is long and narrow.


  • U-Shaped Layout

A U-Shaped layout will give a communal feel at your wedding reception. Everyone will have a clear view of whoever is at the head table. It is ideal for weddings with less than 100 guests. It will also add a level of uniqueness to your wedding.


  • Tables on an Angle

If you have a lot of guests to squeeze into one space. this might be what works for you. Use long banquet tables and switch out chairs for benches. Chairs tend to take out too much floor space.  This is lovely for rustic weddings.


  • Uniform Rectangular Tables

This layout is perfect for a modern wedding. All the tables are of the same size and it creates a symmetrical, clean effect that is very beautiful. This layout works for a guest size of any number. It is the most versatile layout.


  • Circular Tables

The circular table layout is timeless and popular. If you’re going for elegant and classic at your wedding, you should choose this one. It is also easy to arrange and work for both big and small spaces.


  • Mix-and-Match Tables

This layout is unique, flexible, and fun. If you can’t choose between circular and rectangular tables for your wedding, no problem. Just choose both.

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