6 Tips for Planning A Beautiful Wedding on A Budget

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and if there is one day that you should be allowed to splurge, it is that day. However, with the country’s economic woes that seem to only be increasing, the pandemic and student loan debts that are hanging on everyone’s necks, splurging might turn out to be impossible. It might be wiser to be frugal in your spending. We understand this here at Stonebrook Manor and we believe that you can still have a beautiful wedding in Colorado on a budget. Here’s how.


6 Tips for Planning A Beautiful Wedding on A Budget


  • Do Your Research Early

Getting good prices for anything starts with spending enough time researching on it. You pay more when you leave everything for the last minute. Check with more than one supplier and compare deals. When you eventually settle on a supplier, do not procrastinate, call immediately so that you do not miss out on the deal and be disappointed.


  • Make Unique Choices

Most times wedding vendors charge high on a product because of its popularity. It happens this way because the higher the demand, the more the value placed on it. Thinking out of the box and making unique choices could get you a lower price.


  • Skip the Word “Wedding”

As excited as you are, avoiding the word wedding when making purchases can save you a few bucks here and there. Some vendors have the idea that people will pay high prices because it’s their wedding. You’ll avoid those high prices if you don’t mention the reason why you’re making the purchase.


  • Ascertain Your Priorities

By this, we mean make a list and mark out the nonnegotiable things and those things that you can do without. The latter is where you can bargain for lower prices or maybe even skip including at your wedding all together.


  • You Might Have to Compromise on Experience

People trying to break into the industry often give cheaper deals to attract patronage. There is risk involved with working with newbies however, but life is about risks after all.


  • The One Thing That You Must Not Do

We’ve left this one to the very last so that we can emphasize it. Do not request professional services and offer exposure as payment. No matter how much of an influencer you might be, pay people for the services that they offer at your wedding. You can try to beat the prices down but also avoid exploiting people.

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