6 Tips on Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Personalizing your wedding is one of the ways to make it a fun and memorable event. A great way to personalize your wedding is by writing your own vows. Personalized vows are beautiful to hear, and when couples read them to each other, it is usually the most emotional part of their wedding ceremony.

So, if you’ve decided to write your own vows, good for you! There’s however a chance that since you made that decision, you’ve been anxious about it, overwhelmed, and procrastinating because you have no idea how to start. That’s why we at Stonebrook Manor thought we should help you with a few tips where vow writing is concerned. If you’re ready, grab a pen and paper and get ready to start.

6 Tips on Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

  • Start with A Brainstorm

Forget about writing actual sentences. Write instead about the romantic memories, funny moments, and feelings that you two have shared. Remember to put it down with no judgment or pattern btw. They can be structured later.

  • Include A Theme

Vows are a form of storytelling. All good stories have a theme. So, look down at the experiences that you wrote down earlier. What similarities jump out at you? Tenderness? Laughter? Fun? Once you’ve been able to identify this. You can then use it to center your vows. That is your theme and your vow should be about how you intend to apply it with your spouse going forward.

  • Track Your Word Count

Your vow should be between 400 to 650 words. That is about three to five minutes in speaking length. Keep your vows, short, articulate, and engaging.

  • Edit Your Work

Delete any word that does not add meaning to your point. If the sentence you are making still makes sense without a particular word, that word has to go! It’s not needed. Any phrase that does not make a new point should go too. Stick to making new points.

  • Practice

A thread that runs through most great speakers is that they practice their speech. This is also important for those who fear public speaking. Practicing will help you build your confidence.

  • Print It Out

Vows are best read from paper. If you read it from your phone, the whole moment will just look tacky in your future wedding pictures.

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